The beginning of the continuation

Why, hello everyone.  We would like to introduce ourselves, and kick off a space that we are really proud to continue.  Kristin Fleischmann Brewer and Katherine McCullough founded Enamel Art Space the Summer of 2013 as a storefront studio and exhibition space.  In this time, they exhibited their own work and hosted three shows from artists Kenji Hirata, Philip Matthews, Angela, and myself.  Not only did they create a sound platform for artists and the community to think through ideas, they invited us to keep the name and theme running - in an evolved way.  We highly recommend you looking into their own work at and respectively.

Through this transition Enamel will feature artists who value craft and teaching.  We fully believe in the power of craftmanship and knowledge, and hope to extend that into the community.  You can expect seamstresses, comic artists, shoemakers, designers, coffee brewers, print makers, and whatever may come along with talent and patience.  Most of all, we want to feature Artists for what they do, who they are, and their integral part of art in all of life.

So cheers to new things, and welcome. 

-Angela and Carly