Qi Gong Workshop with Lizzie Salsich

On Sunday, September 28th from 3-5 we will be hosting our very first Qi Gong workshop with Lizzie Salsich. A bit about Qi Gong: this powerful, yet simple practice enlivens, energizes, and calms the body and mind. Practicing qi gong can help to ease chronic pain, work through depression, and calm anxiety. 

Enamel is many things. A space for making, a space for movement, where we practice yoga and dye things - hair included! 

Kelsey dying Carly's hair with indigo at the workshop in July  (it's still blue!)

But why movement?

Imagine yourself walking. You can feel the pace of your steps treading the sidewalk, the air around you, the sights and sounds you encounter. In these moments, movement is something taken for granted, an everyday occurrence that simply gets you from point a to point b. By offering yoga and similar practices, we hope to provide opportunities refine and cultivate the direction and growth of our bodies and minds. Lizzie's workshop is just such an opportunity to do so. Slowing down, creating space, and a more physical, lived, experience. What could be more beautiful?


You can sign up for Lizzie's workshop here and learn more about her work here. As always, direct any questions to us at theenamelproject at gmail dot com. Have a lovely weekend! 




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