A space that flows with thought and need

How on earth do you cultivate a tangible space that has living, evolving characters?  We have only small ideas, and certainly welcome your thoughts.  For great changes are born from conversation.

As Enamel takes form and grows into another year, Angela and I have been allowing for the place to be our studio, sounding ground, and a place to invite people.  We have had workshops, classes, movement, and holiday lights.  Angela has done an incredible job at beginning to shape a place that offers gatherings, learning, and authentic craft (I can say that, because I get to see it each week, and she is doing so as I write this post ;)  It is this that we would like to continue most.

As more things begin to be offered, we welcome collaborations and ideas.  We both feel there is a gap between academic art school and life outside of the institution.  We hope to bridge even just the slightest bit of that gap and nurture a place where discussions and actions can be delved into.  Humanities are meant to be breathed in and integrated with all aspects of our living tasks.

With that said, we invite you to come in anytime you see us roaming around inside.  If you have questions about printing, photographing, textiles, the darkroom, and wandering around aspects of beginning a business and trying to be effective teachers, lets talk, discuss, and experiment.  Open hours will be moving from Monday to the weekend (Fridays and Saturdays,) and it will not end there.

Onwards and forwards and right-herewards, (what a sign off, right?)


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